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Re: Exploring the Uncharted Territories: A Farscape Viewing Experience

Jolly Ole Saint RoJo wrote: View Post
The scene where Aeryn gets to tell off Crais is one of my favorites from the series. "And you know what I learned while I away from you? Everything I lost isn't worth a damn." Love it.
A perfect line.

Jolly Ole Saint RoJo wrote: View Post
I enjoy "Bone to Be Wild," but yeah, it kind of interrupts the flow of final arc of the season. It's a solid standalone, but after "The Hidden Memory," I definitely want to see something a lot more important!
Pemmer Harge wrote: View Post
Bone to Be Wild is OK, but it feels a bit odd to suddenly have the ongoing story arc relegated to B-plot in favour of aliens of the week like this.
These quotes both sum up quite well why I found "Bone to Be Wild" to be a bit lacking. It wasn't the fault of the episode itself, but more its placement in the season. To add one more positive comment, however, I did like how carefully Moya and crew had to hide from Crais's command ship.

Elfin Mischievous Humbug wrote: View Post
[...] with your strong enthusiasm about Gilina (yes, she was as brilliant as she was beautiful!), I'm surprised you didn't say anything about her abrupt death. [...]
I think the following quote will explain.
Jolly Ole Saint RoJo wrote: View Post
And then the BBS hiccuped and died for a couple hours.
I was headed back to the post to edit in a comment about being saddened by her death, after realizing that I hadn't mentioned it, but the board died and I went to bed instead after reading The Left Hand of Destiny, Book Two for an hour. In any event, yes, Gilina was both beautiful and brilliant, she could easily have been the "perfect" "alien" woman for Crichton, and I'm sad that she died, but at least she went out saving the man she had come to love.

Jolly Ole Saint RoJo wrote: View Post
Good luck getting the disc fixed. You don't wanna miss that finale!
I haven't taken the disc anywhere just yet, but Netflix has the series available on Watch Instantly, so I'm going to use that to supplement my discs whenever I have a playback issue. Now that I've seen the final scene on board the PK ship and know that M'Lee was indeed picked up by the PKs, I'm torn on whether or not I should feel sorry for them. They are the bad guys, but I'm not entirely sure if any of them - except for Crais - deserves the kind of death she would deal out.
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