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Re: Who would you want to play the captain in Trek series 6

Read the entire thread and unfortunately I don't have a clue who half the suggestions are (Im English so don't get to watch too much US TV).

I do however know a few British actors who I believe would make a decent captain in any new Star Trek series. If you are American I doubt you will have heard of many, most have evil (posh) accents.

My suggestions are as follows with accent in brackets: Laurence Fox (posh), James McAvoy (Scottish, posh, northern), Paul Bettany (posh), Damian Lewis (any), Catherine Bell (not sure)

Also, I think US actress Jennifer Carpenter would make a good captain.

If we are going for comedy captain then Brian Blessed every time, failing that Hugh Laurie using his 'Prince George' accent from Blackadder III.
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