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Re: replicator technology now?

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Remember that Vulcans were already out in space for at least 2000 years before Humans
Despite this, the Vulcans lacked replicator technology themselves until at least after the late-23rd century. Or they were concealing the fact that they did possess such.

They kept saying it's a conversion of energy into matter and/or matter into energy.
In TNG they kept saying converting matter to a matter stream to matter. Replicators manipulate the actual substance in the matter stream, not in some "energy" stream.

If you order food, the replicator beams the necessary amount of material out a storage bin, the tech manual describe the material as basically a sterile organic goo, the replicator changes that goo into your requested item and then sends it to the receiving station you made your order from. The replicator of course uses energy (and lots of it), but it doesn't make things from energy.
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