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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Gotta give managers credit sometimes - we're crying out for new defenders, especially on the left and in the middle, so who have our Malaysian overlords reached into their pockets to buy for us?

Jon 'The Beast' Parkin! I hope he plays against Leeds tomorrow, but surely we needed the defenders more urgently? Blake, Gypeses and Riggott are not up to scratch and Naylor is just an embarrassment! I will concede that Mark Hudson has been much better this season than last. He's still average, but he's standing up as club captain and making key tackles and blocks a lot more.

Parkin's signing does raise questions about Bothroyd's future - contract's up in the summer and unfortunately if needs be we will have to cash in. At least we might send Andy Keogh back to Wolves now though - I like the guy but Jones has not played him properly all season and his goal tally of 2 reflects that. I'd tip my hat to him if he leaves though - 2 goals, both in injury time, a winner vs Milwall and an equaliser vs Preston. Vital goals and no mistake!

So who would you guys like to see your clubs sign in the window?
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