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Re: Exploring the Uncharted Territories: A Farscape Viewing Experience

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Just don't do it again, damnit!

The Hidden Memory

- I am really excited to see the baby Leviathan, especially since Pilot says it's "not a normal" one.

- I like this Stark fellow. He's quite amusing so far. "Scorpy!" "Who is she?" "That is the radiant Aeryn Sun." "How many Peacekeepers do you know on this base?" It's interesting, though, how many "mysterious"-type characters this one little living ship ends up with for crew.

- Oh, man. Gilina is brilliant, incriminating Crais by implanting a false Crichton memory into the Aurora Chair. That's truly inspired deviousness.

- It's quite delicious to see the tables turned on Crais, to see him suffering rather than hunting Moya and company. Couldn't happen to a more deserving man. It's also nice to see that someone in the PK hierarchy now knows how far off the reservation Crais has gone in his obsessive quest for Crichton and Moya.

- Poor Chiana, being forced into a confined space with Rygel...

- I don't know quite how to describe Aeryn's confrontation with Crais. It's gratifying, for certain, that she had a chance to tell him off, that she's come so far to realize that her previous life as a PK wasn't much of a real life in the first place. Claudia Black nailed that scene.

- I was impressed with Chiana's take-charge attitude when she had to help the baby Leviathan get out of Moya's birthing chamber. She hasn't been on board the ship very long, but she showed no hesitation and very little fear when she had to go down there. Based on this and what she wanted to say about DRDs in "Through the Looking Glass," I have to wonder if she's spent some time on a Leviathan in the past.

- As much as I appreciate the show presenting the characters with situations where they have to think their way out, sometimes one really does just want a good, old-fashioned firefight, and this episode delivered quite well in that regard.

- If you can't tell already, I really enjoyed this episode. It was a fitting conclusion to "Nerve."

Bone to Be Wild
- I enjoyed the verbal interplay between Crais and Scorpius throughout this episode, but Crais really should have realized much sooner than when he ended up on the floor of his quarters that he was inferior to Scorpy in a battle of wit.

- Zhaan's a sentient plant? That's... you know what, I don't know what to say about that other than "freaking cool." Especially that ability of hers to become invisible!

- Two crazy-looking new alien species for the price of one? WIN!

- I like the new set design of the baby Leviathan's command for the most part, though there does seem to be quite a lot of red in the layout. Watching Aeryn trying to bond with the baby was very touching.

- This episode felt a little bit like a let-down after the great two-parter preceding it, but I did like how neither M'Lee nor Br'Nee could be entirely trusted, and I particularly liked that the "more trustworthy" of the two was M'Lee, even though she presented the most direct threat to the lives of the crew.

- I started receiving very bad playback issues with my disc as soon as I hit the point where Moya/Pilot was asking Aeryn to name the baby, so I'm going to have to take it to a local store tomorrow to see if resurfacing will help. If it doesn't, I'm going to be in a bit of an annoying spot since I bought this set over a year ago and so won't be able to return it. And here I had been, planning to go ahead and watch "Family Ties" tonight too...
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