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TOS Maps for RPG Campaign

I'm planning an RPG campaign set during the TOS time period. I'm using the Risus RPG rules for the game itself, but i'm looking around to all the Trek games and reference books for inspiration. The game will center on an exploratory vessel like the Enterprise.

The main issue I'm pondering is mapping. I know that there was really no official map of Federation, Klingon, and Romulan space during TOS, so I wonder if I need one for my game. I've been looking at maps from lots of different sources, and I'm not quite sure which one captures the feeling of exploring the great unknown that is associated with TOS.

Since the game will probably be episodic in nature, I'm not convinced that I need a map that plots every single location on the Star Trek universe. However, some internal consistency would be nice. Any suggestions or recommendations>

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