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Re: "Face of the Enemy" Line-by-Line

Well, for better of for worse, I've sort of become the de facto leader of these threads. And so I feel that I need to say something here before we go forward. But, truth is, I really don't know how to handle this.

This isn't a contest. There's nothing to be won or lost here. This is all just for fun. It seems like, though, that some people aren't enjoying these threads as much because they feel like they can't get in fast enough, and others feel like they would enjoy the threads less if there were restrictions placed on their participation. And I can see the valid points of both arguments.

So, since we're all friends here and this isn't a flame war that mods are having to step in and put out, I'd like to suggest this: Let's not try to set any hard and fast rules about number of posts in a row or how many times a person can post in a day or anything like that. Let's not make this something that requires a page of rules to follow.

But, at the same time, let's try to take into consideration the fact that not everyone is as involved in these threads as some of us are, and perhaps we need to step back once in a while and wait for a few hours to see if someone else wants to jump in and participate. Not every time. Not with some enforced restriction. But just out of concern for others who want to participate, and just with some common sense applied to whether or not a thread, or several threads in a row, have been moving so fast that some are feeling excluded.

Does that seem reasonable and make sense?
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