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Re: Exploring the Uncharted Territories: A Farscape Viewing Experience

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[...] A Human Reaction is one of the top 3-4 from Season 1 [...]
Right now, I'd say it's my favorite of the season so far.

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Chiana finally makes it on board.
Yes, I've been very much looking forward to her arrival. She's so much fun in what I've seen previously.

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[...] (yes, I'm still bitter) [...]
Long past time you got over it.

Through the Looking Glass
- Despite all the blows this crew can come to over disagreements, it's also good to see that they can sit down and have reasonable discussions from time to time, as they did in the teaser of this episode. Poor Chiana, though, not being allowed to get a word in herself, and I love the way Pilot nonchalantly says "Prepare for immediate starburst," leading to consternation among the crew.

- The show is doing a great job so far at making the various puppets feel real and imbued with genuine emotion, particularly Pilot in this specific episode. If Trek ever comes back to television, anyone involved in its production should be required to watch Farscape for inspiration on creating genuinely "alien" aliens, as the one in the starburst dimension was (hell, the movies could make use of that too).

- This episode is a fascinating "puzzle" that Crichton and company have to figure out, and the premise of Moya split between three different positions in space/time dimensions is quite interestingly explored - the differing colors between dimensions, the differing natures (sounds, etc.) of each and how those differences affect (or don't) the crew.

- As horrific as the experience must have been for her at the time, the DNA experimentation in "DNA Mad Scientist" continues to come in very handy here, with Aeryn already knowing the command sequences as soon as Crichton tells her the basic plan. I'm glad this show doesn't forget situations like that one that initially seem to be one-off concerns.

- This episode was an absolute blast to watch. Very intriguing concept, good character work, and just a lot of fun all around. "One Mipipippi" - 'nuff said.

A Bug's Life
- Damn, but did Crichton make a pretty convincing Peacekeeper. That captain's uniform looked pretty snazzy too.

- While I did enjoy watching Aeryn & Crichton-as-Peacekeeper interacting with the Marauder crew, I wasn't all that enamored with this episode as a whole, particularly after liking "Through the Looking Glass" so much. Many individual pieces worked fine, but I never felt it came together into a strong whole. The end scene of this episode did, however, make it eminently obvious, even if it wasn't before, how Crichton feels about Aeryn.

- If I were one of the Peacekeepers at the Gammak Base, Chiana would definitely be an effective distraction. GiGi Edgley is a lovely woman and provides a quite entrancing performance.

- Yay! Gilina! Glad to see her again. Even though I like Aeryn a lot, and even though I've seen PKW, I still find myself wishing that a relationship between her and Crichton could work out.

- Wayne Pygram's delivery of the "That man - he is an impostor; seize him" goes beyond creepy to a level I don't even know how to describe. With only a few minutes of exposure to Scorpius as I type this, I can understand why he would present a more compelling long-term antagonist than Crais.

- With the revelation in this episode that the aliens in "A Human Reaction" gave Crichton unconscious wormhole information, I appreciate that episode even more, knowing that it has an ongoing impact on the series.

- This was another great episode, filled with enthralling, tense drama and not feeling a need to shoehorn in superfluous action. I also really liked the small character moments: D'Argo & Aeryn; D'Argo & Zhaan re: Aeryn; Crichton & Gilina; and Gilina & Chiana re: Crichton. Crichton's responses while in the Aurora Chair were suitably amusing in his defiance, and I'm very much looking forward to seeing more of Scorpius in future episodes.
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