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Re: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts Of Empire review thread

And if you'll avoid generalizing about what "many of the fans" don't like, I'll avoid generalizing about what they do. While I've read criticism of the Sisko story in Rough Beasts, I've also received plenty of plaudits. I even heard from one reader who loved the Sisko story and hated the Spock story.QUOTE]

Fair enough on the generalizing, but like you I can only draw on the the comments , of those who post, not just on this forum but others , as well as those i talked to personally.. Their are those who liked the sisko part and hated the spock, then their are those hated both parts as well as those who loved both parts.. However for the most part i have seen negative on the sisko( but again thats just the people I talked too). Thats cool i dont have to love every part to like the writers over all story( trust me peter david last few NF have me ready to drop the whole series). I just think and maybe this is just me. It could have been handled better, the way you had sisko go about it just seemed colded hearted .. and the whole doing for their own good seemed very thin, heck i would almost rather you had killed kasidy off, sent Jae off to stay with least then sisko choice would make more sense..This way it just feels like how joe Q reconn the spiderman marriage and when he got flak for it he actted liked we just did,nt understand his genius and time would prove him right.. I hope you do right the next one, I think you opened up a whole new emotion front to explore. S/N why a galaxy class?
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