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Re: Typhon Pact: Seize The Fire review thread

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Given the downright negative reviews of Seize the Fire, it's making me afraid to even buy the book. I have to ask - without giving anything away, is there anything important that happens in this book to the Titan crew? Could a Titan fan skip this novel completely without missing anything important? Part of me thinks I'd be better off just passing on this novel so that I don't waste my hard-earned money.

Yes you could skip the lot, anything important will be recapped and nothing that important seems to happen anyway.
Well, out of sheer curiosity, I picked up the book anyway. I'm roughly 100 pages in so far. It is a bit dull. Martin's writing style isn't offensive but isn't very interesting, either. The stuff that's happening on Titan seems okay, but the Gorn stuff so far is putting me to sleep. It's weird - I love the novels that Martin & Mangels co-authored, but Martin's solo effort here just isn't as compelling. The story seems adequate, but the execution just isn't engaging me as a reader.
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