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Re: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts Of Empire review thread

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rfmcdpei, considering your soft-spot for the romulans and especially for the 'rihannsu' book series detailinng their culture, I think you'll be pleased to find out that RBoE integrates some information from said book series into the main continuity such as: the romulans calling themselves rihannsu; the romulan naming fetish.
Indeed, the integration intensifies ...

By the way, is that you over at Centauri Dreams?
If you're referring to the O'Neill colonies viability discussion, then yes.

It's a shame: the Ascendants really do need to be developed. And what has happened to the Dominion?
Regarding the Ascendants conflict - it's pretty certain that, at present, there are no plans to conclude the plot-line. The hints regarding the conclusion of the conflict present in RBoE are FAR too obvious.

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