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Re: The 2011-12 Trek Marathon

TOS 1x01 Where No Man Has Gone Before ('11/01/02)

This is the second pilot of Star Trek. Or let's say, the "Kirk pilot". First thing I noticed is that we get some pretty conclusive information about Spock. His actions might not be really essential to the plot here, but a considerable amount of time is spent on building his character. That and the following is reason good enough for watching TOS in production order instead of going with air date.

In the opening scene of this episode (which is also the first time we get introduced to 3D chess) it is established that Spock doesn't show the same kind of emotional response like humans do and that one of his "ancestors married a human female". Kirk calls him heartless after Spock suggests killing Mitchell (played by Gary Lockwood, Dr. Poole from "2001: A Space Odyssey"). In his own words: "I don't feel. All I know is logic."
On another note, no one should be allowed to tell Spock to "get out of here".

I gotta be honest: I never really liked this one a lot. The episode (its acting, dialogue, implications, etc.), especially the final confrontation, is overly dramatic, unfittingly so with it being the pilot. And, although there's some background on Spock, the non-regulars get too much screen time. There's not much that we find out about our captain.

From Alpha Memory:

This was the second Star Trek pilot. However, it aired as the third regular series episode, after "The Man Trap" and "Charlie X". In their book Inside Star Trek: The Real Story, Robert H. Justman and Herbert F. Solow explain that because this segment was "too expository" in nature – a common fault with pilots – it would not have made a good premiere episode for the series.
Apart from regular crew members being absent, there are some other things that we'll see change for the better in the next few episodes. Most noticeably, Spock's eyebrows. Not as bushy as in "The Cage", but here they are slanted close to 45 degrees. Also, some of the crew members obviously failed to get the memo about the uniforms. Spock and Scotty are still in their gold ones from "The Cage". It will take a few more episodes for the costume department to work out the final designs and who is to wear which.

The biggest increase compared to "The Cage" is in action. There's fistfights, psionic electrocuting and the only instance of the "phaser rifle". That one looks pretty funky but almost ends up proving completely useless against the now god-like Mitchell.
Sulu is there, but then again pretty absent. Most of the time he's just standing around, quite decoratively so. Thankfully he gets to say something rather intelligent at the crew meeting. We'll meet McCoy and Uhura tomorrow.

Favorite Quotes:
  • "You were dead for almost twenty-two seconds" (Dehner) <-- Did she really count that?
  • "Above all else, a god needs compassion" (Kirk)
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