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It was neat to see that again!

If I remember correctly, Sci-Fi also did segments with Nimoy specifically for the second run-through of the series, but they may have never aired all of them. (And I thought they wanted to do a third set with DeForrest Kelly, but sadly his failing health didn't allow for that.)

Am I right about that?

Leonard filmed his host segments first, and after he was done suddenly Shatner agreed to do host segments, which he apparently hadn't agreed to when first approached.

Naturally, SciFi decided to run the version with Shatner as host for every episode first, not showing Leonard's run until the second go-round.

The story is Leonard was ticked. I don't blame him, being supplanted by a Jimmy-come-lately.

It gets better, tho'.

By that time SciFi had made such a mess of the presentation, viewership was dropping and they ended the Special Edition in the middle of Leonard's run.

Maybe a third, maybe half of Leonard's host segments never got seen. One week, he was still hosting the uncut episodes in a 90 min. format. The follwing week, the next episode in line was run without a host, in "cut for time" format, in a hour-long time slot.

If Leonard had been ticked before, I'm sure he was SO happy to hear half his work was going to waste.

SciFi never ran the Special Edition again.

Yeah, that was a huge mistake on Scifi channel's part. If they have the rights to it, and are not showing it, it's a crime. But then again, that network has dropped the ball on all the other great series they used to show and now just keep on the shelves. What happened over there?

I'm a big fan of the old Scifi Channel and old TNT and AMC and Nick and TV Land. What happened to all of that greatness?
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