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Re: The 2011-12 Trek Marathon

Happy new year, fellow Trekkies!

This surely is a great way to start a year. Here are my thoughts on "The Cage":

  • I really liked Captain Pike, but, although I wasn't around in the sixties, I think that his angsty nature was a bit ahead of its time. I would have loved to see more episodes with him as Captain, though. I'm sure it would have been a very different show. Still, a comparison with Kirk is inevitable and Kirk wins in my book. I think Kirk's more flamboyant demeanor worked far better for the role of starship captain and especially coupled with Spock's later restrained manner.
  • Having a woman in a position of true authority was great, but I couldn't help noticing the little sexist remarks such as "I can't get used to having a woman on the bridge" or Pike's response to Number One's inquisitive glance - "No offense, Lieutenant. You're different, of course." Oh well, I guess sexism hasn't been a problem in the real world for a long time, so we could let that go.
  • As much as I loved the idea of a female XO, I'm glad Roddenberry chose to keep Spock and change him into the character that we know today. Nimoy's line delivery in "The Cage" sounded forced and robotic, and Spock's character wasn't as effective displaying emotion the way he did in the first pilot.
  • The doctor was ok, but McCoy was a very inspired replacement.
  • I loved the philosophical theme of the episode. What is reality and what is merely an illusion? When is it sensible to choose one over the other? That's good stuff.
  • Favorite quote: "There's a way out of any cage, and I'll find it." (Pike)
Overall, it was a good episode, but the way that the show actually turned out was a definite improvement.
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