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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - The Shadow of the Order

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I am also so happy to see how long he has lived. I was really afraid he only had a few years left after all of that, but that he's lived this long in Lakarian wonderful.
He's around 100. I don't think he could live full Cardassian lifespan, but I hope he still has some years ahead of him.
Me too. I love the thought that the years he has lived free have outnumbered the years he lived as a victim of the Order--and then some. Already, he has lived a lifespan that a human from our time would be glad to have.

He thought the woman was appalled by his appearance. In fact, she didn't want to stand in his way and obstruct his view. She saw an old man with handicap and knew it was easier for her and her beloved to move away than for him.
I hope that he doesn't always worry like that.

I know that if I'd been in that woman's place, I would've smiled at him first, just to make sure it was clear what I meant. (But then maybe working in retail teaches you those kinds of things--or reinforces what you already know.)

While I am sure Tarub would do what he had done anyway, he knew his armour would protect his life. He might end up with burns, scars and other unpleasantries, but he knew he should survive that. That's what their armours are for
A very good thing indeed. In Sigils it's similar--they can help with some of the lighter stun settings from a phaser, and partially absorb the energy from a higher-power blast. Not sure how the cuirass would do against pure electricity, but I imagine it would help in that universe too.
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