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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - The Shadow of the Order


He's really, truly happy! And this niece...I hope she goes on to have a long career that he can continue to be proud of. Somehow, I imagine that even though he can't hold a brush in his hands, he has been her best tutor and strongest supporter.

I am also so happy to see how long he has lived. I was really afraid he only had a few years left after all of that, but that he's lived this long in Lakarian wonderful.

(I also kind of wanted to smack those people for reacting that way to Saratt's appearance.)

I was also so pleased to see that horrible slaughterhouse of a ship destroyed. There can only be ONE real Lakarian painter.

And of course Jeto finding that maybe there's something about the Cardassian side of her heritage that is worth having...that was wonderful. Saratt can count her as another life that he touched in a positive way.

What looks like a possible peace treaty is also wonderful--I think that it would be good for both powers to be less paranoid of each other, even though they will probably never get over the wounds of what happened right after the Dominion War, and the mistakes that both sides made. And how funny--Brenok will now outrank Jarol!

I enjoyed Saratt messing with Brenok over that "flash code," and insisting that he learn it the hard way!

And finally...I am glad to know that Tarub lived. I really was afraid he'd gone and gotten himself killed, doing what he did.
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