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Re: Power Rangers

I gave up around/after Turbo. I hung in as long as some of the original cast was there, but after that, I totally gave up.

The show was great as a kid, but I've tried re-watching and... ugh. It doesn't hold up. Real Ghostbusters cartoon? Holds up. BTAS? Awesome, to the day. MMPR? Not so much.

Still, I'd likely buy the original stuff, first few seasons, on DVD to show my 4 year old nephew.

I had such a platonic crush on Jason David Frank as the Green/White ranger. He was just so awesome! I hated when he was off for a while between green and white, and when he came back as the white ranger, OMG, I almost cried with joy. Always hated the over-rated red ranger, Jason. Bleh!

Lord Zedd was such a good villain, too. Honestly, his look and voice, he could be a real good believable villain in other things. Outside of the cheesy kids stuff. He was scary. Loved it.

I remember how devastated I was when he succeded and destroyed the original Dino Zords. But then how awesome it was when they got the dragon zords!


Put the damn original stuff out on DVD, damnit! If Saban had enough money to buy it back from DISNEY, why not reap the nostalgia cash-flow with DVDs?
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