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Re: Possible, Improbable and impossible: Resolutions

Possible (doesn't mean I'm going to follow through... just means that I could if I wanted to):

Save money to buy a sweet green-screen rig + software and finally create that Trek fan series I've been dreaming about.

Create that cardstock + fiberglass + aqua-resin Master Chief armor for under $100 that I saw on Backyard FX.

Have Master Chief guest star on my theoretical Trek fan series.


Get those 26-pack abs that every guy dreams of having.

Use up all of the minutes on my cell phone before they expire 23 days from now.


Not get angry at the stupidity of people at Wal-Mart.

Not get tired of the stupidity of 90% of my family.

Not angrily reply to stupid YouTube comments about Justin Bieber, the dislike bar, Justin Bieber + dislike bar, etc.
"Good grief. You guys sure know how to make something out of nothing. And then take sides about whether or not it's nothing, and then change your minds and discuss why you thought it was something." - Kestra
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