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Hyper Hobby scans

This first page covers the Red Rangers. Year 18: Kakuranger, Red Ninja with a inset picture of five Kakuranger; Year 30: Bouken Red with Zuuban sword mode and five Boukenger in inset; Two pictures of Aka Ranger from Year 1: Goranger (inset picture blocked by wetmark); Year 3: Battle Fever J, Battle Japan and inset picture of 5 person team; Year 12: Liveman, Red Falcon with inset of 3 Liveman (there was 5); and Year 23: GoGoV, Go Red and inset picture of the five.

Year 25: Gaored and inset of 5 Gaoranger; Year 21: MegaRed vs. Yugande and inset of 5 Megaranger; Year 9: Change Dragon and inset of Changeman; Year 33: Shinken Red and inset of Shinkenger; Year 14: Five Red and inset of Fiveman; Year 24: Time Red and inset of Timeranger; and Year 34: Gosei Red and inset of Goseiger.

This page deals with the girls. Year 28: Dekaranger, Jasmine (Yellow), Jan (red), and Umeko (Pink) and inset of 5; Year 29: Magiranger, pictures of Houka (Pink) and Umeko (Blue) and inset of 5; Year 19: Ohranger, Momo (Pink) in swimsuit and inset of 5; Year 32: G3 Princess (Villain Kegaleshia, Saki (Yellow), and Miu (Silver) and inset of 5; Year 6: Dynaman, Dyna Pink and Denjiman inset. Picture next to her is Nanami (Hurricane Blue) and Villain Furabijou of Hurricanger and Denji Princess below them. I forget who the girl in the school uniform is.

This page deals with villains. Year #31: Mele and Rio and inset of 3 Gekiranger; to the right is Zonette and Gyamo of Carranger; Year #4: Denjiman inset and Queen Heridan; Year #5: Queen Heridan and inset of Sun Vulcan; Year #13: Kirika and Yanimaru with Turboranger inset; Year #10: Flashman villains and inset of Flashman. Below are Bio Hunter Silver of Silver, some guy I don't recall and Year #7: Dark Knight of Dynaman (in the inset, blocked by wetmark).

This page deals with sixth or additional rangers. Year #20: Signalman and Carranger in inset; Year #16: Dragon Ranger and Zyuranger Inset; Year #17: Kibaranger and Dairanger inset; Year #27: Abare Killer and 3 Abaranger inset. Shurikenger of Hurricanger is left to him. Year #2: JAKQ, Big One and four JAKQ inset; Ninjaman of Kakuranger is left to Big One. Miu in inset left from Go-On Silver and Go-On Gold of Go-Onger.

This page deals with allies. Above Right is Battle Fever J and above left is Commander Ibuki of Changeman. Year #15: the commander lady from Jetman; Year #22: the tree and acorn of Gingaman, Year #11: the floaty mentor and his team Maskman, Master Shafu of Gekiranger, DekaMaster/Doggie Kruger of Dekaranger, and the dog is Denji Dog of Denjiman. Year #26: Oboro and her hamster father of Hurricanger.
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