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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - A Marathon Re-visit.

So here we close Star Trek: Voyager, season 3. This has been Voyager's weakest season to date with my score average being 2.73 out of 5. There were only three real gems of the season (Real Life, Distant Origin and Scorpion, Part I) and whilst there were no Thresholds, there were plenty of 1/5 episode scores to bring it down.

So here we are, about to embark on Voyager, Season 4 where Seven of Nine is introduced (tentative 'yay') and Kes is written out of the show (BOOO!). If I recall, I think this is my favourite season of Voyager, so let's see how things go. God knows I need something to lift my spirits after Season 3.

Comparing Voyager to other ST series at this point, whilst Next Gen and Enterprise came into their own during their third seasons, I have always felt DS9's season 3 was a big stumbling point for the series. Whilst DS9's producers seemed to re-tool the show, the storytelling didn't really change much from the first two seasons and I felt season 3 seemed to stagnate the series. They introduced the Defiant, promoted Sisko and introduced the Dominion - but the show seemed to stall on this last point. I didn't feel DS9 came into it's own until Season 4 and since I happen to rate DS9 as Trek's best series, I will give Voyager the benefit of the doubt.

Voyager, you've got this season to prove to me you're a worthwhile series, so let's get cracking!
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