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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - A Marathon Re-visit.

SCORPION, PART I - 3x26 - 5/5

First of all, can I just say thank GOD for Scorpion. I don't think I could handle yet another bad-to-mediocre entry from season 3. Not only is this terrible season of Trek over, but it is redeemed (almost) by ending in a really exciting and interesting way.

The episode opens with the Borg being fucked over by...something. What better way to open an episode; I am instantly hooked.

Janeway having an interest in Leonardo Da Vinci is much more sensical and appropriate for her than the victorian period drama shit which was boring and entirely out of place. As a woman of science, I can totally get with this association (even if it is a little corny).

There's something about this episode which feels, solid and confident. Like Voyager is finally coming into its own and figuring out what it wants to be about. The use of an existing Trek race but in an exciting and different way is a welcome direction for the series. As for the new species, the concept of Species 8472 is excellent and they are compelling and visually impressive as a villain with the CGI holding up pretty well over the last decade. The main cast themselves all seem to be finally settling on who they are and what they are about. Janeway's stubborn desire to get home at any cost, Chakotay's cautious and non-confrontational nature and Harry's ability to get shit dumped on him at every turn. Even Kes, an oft-forgotten character gets an important (if a little Deanna Troi-ish) role in this episode.

I feel Janeway's reasoning for risking the ship and establishing an alliance with the Borg is a bit shaky, but do agree with her position that it's a worthwhile opportunity. I also agree with Chakotay's idea of playing it safe, but unfortunately he gets lumbered with another boring animal fable so it makes his perspective appear weak comparison. However I am always a fan of pitting Janeway and Chakotay against each other, so yay for that.

In addition to the action and drama, there are many great special effects sequences - Voyager being tossed about by the wave of Borg ships is awesome.

HARRY HORROR #9: Is attacked and being consumed by Species 8472. As the Doc puts it he's being "eaten alive".
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