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The Never Ending Sacrifice and DS9 relaunch

I just finished reading The DSP relauch books. Well all except the Terok Nor Books, The left hand of Destiny books, Prophecy and Change and Hollow Men. (I was under the impression these were not part of the relauch, so I skipped them).
I never had pictured reading these books. I Liked the TV series but not enough to read it. However, After reading the Destiny Triology, and being an Ezri fan I wanted to see what lead up to her Command track. I also wanted to see what lead up to Ro becoming CAPTAIN of DS9 in Zero Sum Game. The relaunch never addressed those points. If they did I missed it. And The Never Ending Sacrifice was Barely a DS9 book. Was it all a suprise to the rest of you or did I truely miss something in the books. Thanks, Kevin
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