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Re: TV-Tastic's Review of 'Family Guy: It's A Trap!'

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Not to threadcrap too much here, but a lot of your posts aren't actually POSTS, per se, but links for people to read your blog. Care to discuss things here, rather than promote your blog?
Wrong. Most of my posts have been comments on other people's threads.

I've done a grand total of four blog posts in the last month. My blog is non-profit and has no advertising on it (from me at least... I think wordpress throws in ads every now and then) so I really don't understand why it's any of your concern.

Let me ask you this: what would be the difference if I just copied and pasted an entire blog post in order to start a discussion? I mean, would that meet your standards of appropriately promoting discourse on this forum?

And, please, don't insult me by prefacing your comments with, "Not to threadcrap too much here," when that's exactly what your intention was. What's with the passive aggressive pretext? If that's what your intention is just own it. And for the record, congratulations... you succeeded.

So, I have to ask: why do you care? No one else seems to and in fact, in the past two days I've had over 200 referrals (people that have clicked the link and gone to the blog) from trekbbs members so that's a 100:1 ratio (between you and starbreaker) who it, would appear, have some interest in my blog as opposed to those like yourself who are of the opinion that I have no business posting my links.

You see, I'm a live and let live kind of guy and I've never understood why some people feel the need to start pissing matches on forums just for the sake of starting pissing matches. So Happy New Year to you and if you don't have any interest in my blog, that's OK as well. Like the 200+ people who have already decided to click my links in the past two days, it's up to you to make that choice for yourself.

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