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Re: Exploring the Uncharted Territories: A Farscape Viewing Experience

Pemmer Harge wrote: View Post
I don't mind Jeremiah Crichton, but it is very generic sci-fi (for which, read Star Trek). Who knew that Rygel being worshiped would lead to the villagers trying to kill him? That said, I did like how Rygel seemed to be genuinely disturbed by his ancestors' actions.

Durka Returns though, I like a lot. The plot isn't amazing, but it's well executed and the episode is exciting. The really cool part, of course, is the introduction of Chiana. I love how Gigi Edgley plays the character and I just think she added a certain something to the ensemble that made Farscape a better show.

A Human Reaction is one of those episodes (pretty common on this show), that I really shouldn't like. I mean, come on, this is so Voyager isn't it? As soon as they start killing off main characters, you just know what's happening isn't real or is going to be reset buttoned. But somehow, it works anyway. I guess that's the beauty of Farscape - it takes sci-fi clichés and uses them in such a weird and wonderful way that they seem fresh. Anyway, I really enjoyed this story. Seeing a glimpse of how Earth might react to John's friends was especially interesting and then you've got the John and Aeryn stuff and some stuff that'll be important down the line. In some ways, these last couple of episodes feel to me like the stage where Farscape really started to find its feet.

I think the reason why it works is there in the title of the episode 'A Human Reaction'. Crichton doesn't just blindly accept the reality of things waiting to get mind-frelled. As soon as he realized something was seriously off the rails (which was, unfortunately, seeing Rygel trussed up like a biology experiment), he got the crap out of there and tried to do the best he could with what information he had. He acts the way you would expect a real person to react in these kind of situations. Kicking down the women's room door to hunt down the puppet masters of this scenario? Could you really see that solution come up in a Star Trek episode (no offense)? But it totally made sense, once he made the deduction. I think that's why Farscape was able to use some done-to-death plot setups but still manage a good story nonetheless... the plots were generic, but the reactions, the characters... they were genuine and real.

I agree that this is where the show really started to find its element... it also began a questioning of its own premise that I find rare in television: Is it necessarily the best thing for John to get home? Has he become 'irreversibly contaminated' by his time in the Uncharted Territories? Is Earth ready to deal with the fallout his return home and knowledge gained would entail? Mind-frell or no, how genuine were the reactions that were being extrapolated from John's mind? Would that really happen? Even more rare, we'll actually find the answers to a lot of these questions as the series goes on, but it's interesting that it's already presenting them this early in the run...
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