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Re: Exploring the Uncharted Territories: A Farscape Viewing Experience

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- Rygel expresses some interesting thoughts for a (former) hereditary ruler in this episode. He loves to be pampered and wants to be kept in affluence again, yet the opinions he expresses here are pretty damn reasonable for a king, at least based on historical Earth examples. He surprises me once again, which is certainly a good thing.
The more you see of Rygel, the more you realize that he is truly a much kinder, wiser character than might be immediately apparent.

- Salis was creepy as hell. Is his demeanor typical of the Nebari, are they generally more like Chiana, or are they as varied as true individuals should be? (read: not the "all ______ are [whatever]" stereotypes Trek used for shorthand understanding ) I'm assuming the former, based on Chiana's comments to Crichton that her people would "cleanse the lot of you" if they catch up to Moya.
Chiana is certainly in the minority. Unfortunately, we never really see enough of the Nebari to be able to comment on the species as a whole.

Yeah, Rygel is an interesting character, for sure. While he certainly has the arrogance and divine sense of entitlement that comes from being a monarch for so long, he's had a pragmatic, hard nosed view of the universe at large drilled into him due to over a century of imprisonment. He's arrogant, self-absorbed, and oftentimes a coward, but neither is he naive, ignorant, or stupid. He's learned things, hard lessons, and is not afraid to get his hands dirty, in any sense of the word. He just doesn't want to...

As for the Nebari, I'd say that we do see enough of them and their society to get a grasp on their behavior as a culture. They are a very monochromatic culture (Hell, look at their color scheme, black/white/gray... like a more sophisticated imagining of the Cherons from TOS), but, unlike the sometimes generic race descriptions of most SF, where it seems like the entire planet just one day decided to embrace a particular ideology or another, the Nebari's was by design. The Nebari have engineered their culture to get to this point, and from what glimpses we do get to see of it, this was not a process that many people agreed to go with. In many ways, the Nebari make the Space Nazi depiction of the Peacekeepers seem almost warm and fuzzy by comparison. The only real difference is that the Peacekeepers only force conformity and regimentization on their organization, not the entire Sebacean race. The Nebari seem to have forced this lifestyle on their entire civilization, which is, in many ways, far spookier, and shows just how dangerous even a simple wild child like Chiana can be for such a system, leading to her state when first introduced.

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