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Re: Trek Marathon

Alienesse: Thank you. Yes, that's right. For TOS, I suppose it'll be best to go production order (as listed on Memory Alpha or the episode guide linked to on top of this forum).

LOKAI of CHERON: Personally I don't think that kind of chronology (stardate order) would make much sense, 'cause you'd miss out on all the development of Star Trek as a franchise and the changes it went through over the years production value-wise (obviously so when you begin with the latest one and move on to the earliest after that).
And since not just a few of the stardates are picked for convenience rather than reference, in-story character development as well will only be apparent if you watch the series in air date order. The producers surely didn't do several seasons to eventually have them rearranged by us the fans.

Surely, in the case of an arc like, let's say the Dominion War, where you have two series exploring the same timeframe, the producers obviously want us to watch both simultaneously to get the bigger image, thus DS9 and VOY were aired the way they did.

Edit: By the way, how come there's no option to delete your own post/thread and, even though I renamed the first post's title, the thread title won't change?

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