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Re: Exploring the Uncharted Territories: A Farscape Viewing Experience

Jeremiah Crichton
- D'Argo's loyalty to and insistence on continuing the search for Crichton feels very natural and appropriate, considering the events of the past episodes that I've commented on. In several situations, Crichton has been the one to refuse to give up, so it's quite right that D'Argo now feels honorbound to repay that tenacity. D'Argo is also becoming my favorite character.

- I'm a little surprised that Rygel went down to the planet with D'Argo. It's logical that D'Argo, Zhaan, and Aeryn would start having a debate about when it's no longer possible to keep searching, but I would've expected Rygel - despite some of his seemingly uncharacteristic actions in the past, such as "The Flax" - to be the first to vote to stop searching. (Of course, then the episode story would've had to bee completely rewritten, but that's beside the point .)

- As D'Argo said, Crichton "looks like dren" with that beard - but it's also an amusing look for him.

- Just once I'd like to see a fictional religion that didn't condemn people to death for not living up to its own expectations.

- Rygel expresses some interesting thoughts for a (former) hereditary ruler in this episode. He loves to be pampered and wants to be kept in affluence again, yet the opinions he expresses here are pretty damn reasonable for a king, at least based on historical Earth examples. He surprises me once again, which is certainly a good thing.

Durka Returns
- I never tire of seeing Moya exit starburst. It's such a beautiful effect.

- Nice to see Pilot take an assertive stand after the collision in the teaser. It was his/Moya's fault, so it was only right to bring the ship onboard.

- And here I am, getting the first hints of the power of the Nebari that the rest of you have been discussing over the last several posts. No warships, yet they were able to defeat the Zelbinion with just a "host ship"? That's... impressive, to say the least. A little unsettling too, even knowing the Nebari are never quite the threat the Peacekeepers are.

- Salis was creepy as hell. Is his demeanor typical of the Nebari, are they generally more like Chiana, or are they as varied as true individuals should be? (read: not the "all ______ are [whatever]" stereotypes Trek used for shorthand understanding ) I'm assuming the former, based on Chiana's comments to Crichton that her people would "cleanse the lot of you" if they catch up to Moya.

- Speaking of creepy, Durka takes that to a whole new level once his real personality reasserts itself. I love the way the actor enunciates his lines and pauses between certain words for emphasis.

A Human Reaction
- Even knowing that he's not actually going home to Earth, the "goodbye, Crichton" scene at the beginning of act one was very well written and acted. It was a very touching series of exchanges between Crichton and the others.

- Since this is a second viewing of this episode, the little hints dropped throughout the episode that this isn't really happening are much more apparent, and it's fun to be "in" on those hints now.

- On the other hand, even though this is a second viewing, the scene of Rygel's corpse is still as disturbing as it was the first time.

- I think this episode has provided the best use of the "screwing with minds" trope. This alien species's quest for a new home nicely mirrors Crichton's search for a method to return to Earth, especially since the aliens had hoped Earth might provide a haven for them.
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