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Re: Tardis Blue Prints (All Types)

I need to do a cross section showing the interior of the ship's decks and how the machine looks inside.. I have been asked by a lot of peopleon other various websites how the ship looks inside, and in some cases if these are the "rooms"

my answer is no these aren't the Tardis rooms..

inside each deck section, are thousands of rooms..

let's back up first...

at the top of each section, just below the observation towers, or scientific scanning and experimental equipments, are what look like domes with feet that stretch into the circular domes..

these small machines with "feet" are actually the Architectural Configuration generators..they create the rooms inside the sphere. think of a sort of grape stalk, with hallways instead of stems, and the grapes being the rooms..

now why would the time lords do this? easy..

A Tardis is a self contained machine, if something had gotten one of the Tardis rooms contaminated and threatened to infect or destroy the rest of theship, it could be jettisoned.

Now, here is the part that gives me chills, and makes me wish I could articulate this into a 3D model..maybe someone in 2ND life would be interested in seeing this vision come alive so I could propaerly convey it to you guys..?????

anyhow, when the Doctor Jettisons rooms, they adjust inside the Deck Section domes, and then pass through the outer blocks.. as if they were passing through a liquid membrane, in fact the metal shell that surrounds the Tardis is being reduced in density as the rooms pass outward and fall into the swirling vortex below the ship..

then inside the deck sections new rooms are regenerated and a restructuring of the existing rooms occurs.. the disks on the outer shell of the Tardis control each block of "metal skin" and maintain it's integrity..
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