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Re: My Farscape reviews (SPOILERS)


1X05 Back and Back and Back to the Future Moya comes across an alien vessel disintegrating in a shiny batch of green lighting. As usual an arguement starts among Moya's passangers about helping them or not. Rygel ( as usual ) offers to get the hell away from disintigrating ship and "to drink honor their memories" later. Dargo agrees. Zhaan want to help. I find all these disagreements in Moya both refresing and interesting as well as entertaing. In every chance writers show us that this is not a military hierarchy expected so many times from recent space opera productions. These are individuals trying to survive and get along as much as possible

Alien vessel crumbles but before then a shuttle leaves and boards Moya. They are Illianics , a distant relative species of Luxans. Dargo leaves all of his reluctance and decides to help his distant cousins. He and Crichton enter the Illianic shuttle and take two unconcious passangers out. Before that though some green light batch from a sealed compartment strikes Crichtons hand.

Two new Illianic guests of Moya : Verell an old scientist and Matala a slow annoying talking middle aged beuty ( in Illianic standarts ) They have a vital cargo in their shuttle , "scientific apparatus" says Verell. He couldn't do a better job of making everyone wonder about sinister mystery of their cargo ! They were on their way to rendezvous with another Illianic ship. Dargo offers to take them to rendezvous point....He really seems to take charge when his Illianic cousins were concerned.

Suddenly Crichton begins having first of his weird visions of Matala...well sexually harrasing him. Clearly females of Uncharted Territories are much more agressive than Earth. Crichton snaps back and Aeryn recommands some rest to him

While Verell is having his lunch Dargo learns that Verell's people Illianics are at war with another race , Scorvians. We also learn that Dargo's real crime of imprisonment was something else. Something he wants to share with Verell. Verell dismisses Dargo's fears. He just want to be delivered to rendezvous point...Whatever in that shuttle seems very important for Illianic war effort. When Aeryn boards Illianic shuttle Matala wants her out and takes Dargo's support. Aeryn and Matala also make an appointment for some physical fight exercise later.

Crichton having his second "Matala sexual harrasment vision". Clearly she is agressive ! No way. I mean she is entirely a different species with tentecles..Right ? Well he better be careful. Dargo also finds her desirable. A clear love triangle is forming ! And Matala is maniplating her. Great. When Crichton asks Dargo if Illianic females attract men with a chemical , telepaty or some other exterior force. Of course that kind of converstaion can only end in misunderstanding. Dargo says he finds Crichton disgusting and warns him to stay away from Matala. In physical and thinking terms. Crichton protest to no avail : "She is not even my type !"

Crichton having his third vision. Aeryn comes and inquires if Dargo is still acting Illianics personal servant....Then a few moments later this entire vision happens. That's new. He is not hallucinating. These are flashes of future events. "Oh boy that is the future"

Crichton's fourth vision : Verell was stabbed from his back. Dead. Dargo and Crichton find him. Matala comes out and breaks necks of both of them.

Crichton gives up the hope of convincing Dargo that Matala is dangerous. He needs to change his strastegy and adapt. Well that is what he does best since he came to Moya.

Aeryn and Matala's physical fight exercise on a giant matress with Peacekeeper logo. ( I learned from Wikipedia that this symbol is in fact a Soviet Propaganda Poster logo dating back to Russian Civil War "Beat the Whites with Red Wedge" ) Frankly they do not show much martial art prowness. Their moves are rudimentary and slow. It is as realistic as a science fiction show can be. After Aeryn wins a few rounds. Matala knocks her out with a weird "Karate Kid" punch...

Crichton still trying to convince others , searching allies. He finds one in Zhaan. Always reliable , wise , maternal blue lady of Moya. She is suspicios of Illianics too. They do not reveal what was wrong with their doomed ship. They are evasive. When Crichton explains his future flashes and visions she is intrigued. "Future Flashes. The concept is a fascinating one...." she comments. Crichton in her quartes , playing a glass mask disagrees he drops the mask....another flash vision. He goes to question Verell about what went wrong in their ship. Instead he finds Matala. She plays innocent victim of Crichton just as Dargo enters. The big guy then skewers Crichton with his blade and Matala then dispatches both Verell and Dargo...

....Crichton in Zhaans quartes in his hand glass mask dropping it again. So this episode is turning to somekind of Christopher Nolan's Memento , this time towards future. When Zhaan declares if these are future events he can change the sequence of events , change the future. Crichton agitated "I made it worse" Get a grip human. Then Aeryn comes in and interrupts. "Matala is not Illianic. She is Scorvian. She fights like a Scorvian. Her appearence must be result of genetic make up" Now we have a motivation. But how will you prevent the act of crime without proof ?

Since Dargo is very much on the side of his genetic cousins especially due to Matala's presence Crichton , Zhaan and Aeryn try to seperate them. Then just Crichton is on his way to hangar bay to confront with Verell he overhears Dargo and Matala. She proposes to join them. Dargo says it is impractical because of his real crime ( a possible ace for Crichton ) Matala insists with her sexual harrasment move this time on Dargo...When Crichton comes open with Verell about everything he confesses there is weapon on their shuttle. The ultimite one. "A quantum singularity" . "A Black Hole ?" Crichton blabbers. "You captured a piece of Black Hole ?" It is protected by an energy shield and when Crichton entered the shuttle first time he got exposed to it by green light shocking his hand hence his future visions. Just that moment Dargo and Matala come in. Usual perfect timing. Verell confronts Matala. Crichton tries to convince Dargo Matala is a Scorvian spy. Matala dispatches Dargo , thakes his quota blade , kills Verell and takes the shuttle to escape. Aeryn comes and opens fire on shuttle with her pulse rifle. Shuttle explodes , black hole swallows Moya.....

....Crichton in Zhaans quartes in his hand glass mask AGAIN....He puts the mask down , smashes it deliberetly with his foot under dispproving eyes of Zhaan...Human has enough. He is taking the initiative now. Everything comes to Dargo he decides. "We need to convince him." He does so by declaring to Dargo that his real crime was something different than he told them before. Whatever it is that is enough to Dargo to change his mind about Matala.

Illianic cruiser Verell expecting arrives which in fact is a Scorvian warship. Now Moya is in trouble. While Aeryn takes manual control to steer way from them. Dargo and Crichton confront with Matala and Verell. ( Please make it work this time ) Matala kills Verell again ( I gave up him long before ) and escapes from Moya with Illianic shuttle. Verell starts manual self destruction of black hole with remote control. Crichton realizes what is happening and tells Pilot to starbust immediately. Pilot does so. Black Hole released , kills Matala , destroys both her shuttle and Scorvian warship.

Crichton really saved everyone in Moya several times in this episode. Shame no one aboard Moya know that.. Well if actions count on Moya like Zhaan said then Crichton proved he is a man of action with a thinking head even he is in this weird fantasy universe far away from home , encountering with novel shocking aspects of daily life on Uncharted Territories. The real finishing touch is between Crichton and Dargo. "It has been so long" exiled Luxan confesses. Crichton understands him. He is a heterosexual male after all. First common ground established between these two strangers who does not understand or trust each other before. They needed each other before but now there is a little bit more. Not much but better than nothing....
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