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The 2011-12 Trek Marathon

I'm going to start a marathon viewing of Star Trek tomorrow, January 1st, one episode a day (as time allows it). Including all seven series as well as the eleven movies (a total 727 installments), the marathon is just three days short of two years and (as long as the world doesn't end before that) should end on December 28th '12.

I plan to begin with “The Cage” and continue TOS in production order (different one from the blu-ray/DVD). From TAS onwards, I think it best to watch the episodes in the order they originally aired on TV (as given by Memory Alpha), with intertwining series, interrupted by the movies.
To give an example, the schedule for the week from the 16th to 22nd of April 2012 should look somewhat like this:
(16) VOY 3×25 Worst Case Scenario
(17) DS9 5×24 Empok Nor
(18) VOY 3×26 Scorpion
(19) DS9 5×25 In the Cards
(20) DS9 5×26 Call to Arms
(21) VOY 4×01 Scorpion, Part 2
(22) VOY 4×02 The Gift
I think this might be a wonderful opportunity to exchange thoughts on episodes and get to watch the whole franchise.

Who wants to participate?

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