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Re: TV-Tastic's Commentary on the BSG: B & C Concept Art

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Nice comments, except I'm tired of the CGI being blamed for The Phantom Menace's problems. There was a crap tonne of damn good FX work in that movie, both physical models and CG,
There is some decent work but overall, I would tend to disagree. I've always felt the CGI work was very cartoony. But, you're absolutely correct, the VFX are not why it sucks.

That being said, my example of SW:TPM was not a comment on the quality, just the quantity. As noted by the next statement, I'm always skeptical of the overuse of CGI, no matter how well done, regardless of the project. Buuuuuuuut... this particular crew has been known to do phenomenally good work with huge budgets and limited budgets.
...but none of which had to do with the fact that the problem was George couldn't make trade embargoes and votes of no confidence exciting enough for a Star Wars film.
...Couldn't have said it better myself.

I don't know if you've seen the Plinkett Reviews from Red Letter Media but they are brilliant. Here's the one for SW:TPM... it's better than the actual film.

Really looking forward to Blood and Chrome. Caprica should have been far closer to this idea from the very beginning.
Agreed. I liked Caprica but it reminded me a bit of Enterprise in that both series should have coincided with the pivotal wars in the franchise's mythos.

Thanks for reading!

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