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Re: Exploring the Uncharted Territories: A Farscape Viewing Experience

Jolly Ole Saint RoJo wrote: View Post
The Nebari had the potential to be interesting, and it's a shame they weren't used more. They would have made a fantastic recurring villain.
I think that largely gets at the heart of my dislike. For a civilization as supposedly advanced and superior to the Sebaceans and (possibly) the Scarrans, you'd think they would have made a larger presence in the series. Instead, we get a few episodes vaguely alluding to a 'larger plan', and a token resistance to said plan, all of which was pretty much unheard of post Season 2.

Of course, the Nebari as a narrative device did have the promise to be an interesting series Big Bad, but had the unfortunate fate of being introduced at an awkward time in the series canon, immediately prior to the introduction of Scorpius, which I think we can all agree is where the show really began to find its footing. Unfortunately, Scorpius' rapid rise to the series' antagonist spot somewhat excluded the Nebari from having any kind of role to play in that dynamic, as, by the end of Season 2, we've pretty much established the setting as a power play between the Peacekeepers and the Scarrans, with no narrative niche for the Nebari's grand schemes to play out.
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