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Re: Tardis Blue Prints (All Types)

okay fellas and ladies..

I am sorry for doing this once more..but I decided to just revamp my Tardis and fix a lot of the things that were wrong with it..mostly things that were missing.. what I have also decided to do is focus on creating Tardises for specific characters only.. and do the Tool sheets once I am finished..
so be expecting the Master's Tardis, the Rani's Tardis, Rassilon's ship, a chancellory Tardis, compassion, the War Tardis and so on..

so below is the new design.. I removed the Engine output and usage charts to incorporate more of the elements that make up the ship.. now that this is done I can concentrate on the top view and the bottom views of the ship.. this will take on a new look once those are completed and you will get a sense of just how the Tardis functions.. I will also be doing a cutaway of the room sections, and illustrate the jettisoning features..

again, sorry to do this.. but these are the now final images.. it always takes a few broken eggs to make the omelet..

By starsuperion at 2010-12-30
By starsuperion at 2010-12-30

Full size Download here:

By starsuperion at 2010-12-30
By starsuperion at 2010-12-30

Full Size download here:

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