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Re: Exploring the Uncharted Territories: A Farscape Viewing Experience

Pemmer Harge wrote: View Post
I don't like Rhapsody in Blue at all. It never made me care, even about Zhaan's backstory and it didn't exactly fill me with desire to learn more about the Delvians..
You know, it's funny. I love Zhann's character, but it does seem that they never really got a handle on how to portray her actual species. Didn't help that she was a bit of an odd duck for her people. Likely that's why 'Rhapsody...' was the only Delvian-centric episode I can think of...

I may be jumping the gun a bit as we're not quite at this part of the series yet, but I had much of the same attitude re: the Nebari. Chiana was a cool character, but, like Zhaan and the Delvians, she was just way too different from the rest of her species to make me care about them or relate to them in any meaningful way.
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