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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

I'm going to a 2pm matinee of True Grit.

Till then, the last several I saw.

Men In Black - A Black Friday acquistion for $4. I hadn't seen this in 12/13yrs and enjoyed it all over again. A worthy purchase to the collection since I sold off the ole VHS copy. Not a bad time to refailarize myself since MIB:3 is coming soon.
Grade: A

Jumper - Another Black Friday nap for $2. It's not without it's flaws but it does lay down a fairly solid groundwork for what could've been an interesting franchise. Sam Jackson is a show stealer as an overly dedicated to his cause enforcer.
Grade: B-

Interview with the Vampire - Only $3.75 at Best Buy so I couldn't pass it up. Haven't seen it since it came out and it holds up cosiderably well. Never a bad idea to have a solid vampire movie in the collection. If you haven't seen it in awhile check it back out.
Grade: A-

Brideshead Revisited - based on a recommendation here I checked it out. This was part of my Haley Atwell familarization viewing. She wears period clothing well and looks good coming out of it. Thought I was going to see more Haley than I planned on(which wouldn't have upset me in the slightest). Didn't know it was going to have Matthew Goode from Watchmen in it as well. It wasn't a bad movie but just didn't interest me for the love story of unrequited love it was telling.
Grade: B
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