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Re: Welcome new Voyager fans!

Hello fellow Voyager fans! It's nice to see other that have an unconditional love of this show. I always liked Trek growing up but it wasn't until I started watching reruns of Voyager on UPN ten years ago that I came to Love Trek. This show sucked me in. I think it was The Doctor that ultimately did it for me. A fascinating character vividly portrayed. He is my absolute favorite Trek character and I thought that his development through the series was fantastic. I also loved Tuvok with some of his excellent one liners, and then there's Janeway. Favorite. Captain. Ever.

I recently finished watching the entire series on DVD and while it's fresh in my head I can say that there were really only two episodes that I solidly disliked. One was of course Threshold for obvious reasons, and the other was The Fight which was flat out boring with all of the Chakotay/Boxing sequences and whatnot, Uggh!

A few of my favorite episodes (in no particular order) include Future's End, The Scorpion, Year of Hell, Timeless, Someone to Watch Over Me, Body and Soul, Equinox, and Blink of an Eye.
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