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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract -- Part II

Yikes, CeJay! I just saw this! Sorry for the delay in replying, and thanks so much for the review. Yeah, Icheb is on all kinds of shaky ground at the moment. He knows that, but we'll see whether it makes a difference in his choices. And yes, paperwork ... I think Adele has quite a bit of that to do already!

Gibraltar, long time, no see! So glad you're back and posting again. Yeah, Adele has a real mess on her hands, doesn't she? Her XO is being torn in so many directions at once he can't see straight, her second officer is dead (of course, she doesn't know that, yet), her reliable Vulcan is off ship, and her crack engineer is cracked in the head (both literally and figuratively) in sickbay. And the auxiliary ships are a whole other mess. We'll see what happens. Glad you're still enjoying it. Welcome back, and thanks for the comment!

I've got the next chapter 80% done. So there should be more coming in the next few days.
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