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Re: Exploring the Uncharted Territories: A Farscape Viewing Experience

Thanks for those links, guys!

Now, onward for two more episodes...

Rhapsody in Blue

- Crichton's dream in the teaser was a good way of combining episode plot and character backstory. His desire to return home is understandable as its own goal, but knowing that the general goal has a specific purpose as well (as I assume at this point in time, Crichton would follow through with the proposal after returning) lends an important "immediacy" to his drive.

- Amused by the bit in the teaser about Aeryn wearing Crichton's boxers, especially since it reminded me of Back to the Future.

- I appreciate the way the show has revealed the reasons D'Argo and Zhaan were imprisoned. It would've been easy to write in some exposition in any random episode, but it's much more dramatically satisfying being able to see them both confront those past issues in the present. Along those lines, I also appreciate how each character has already been given at least one spotlight episode of their own.

- On the other hand, there does seem to be a high number of episodes in this season where the crew is mentally affected by some manner of outside influence. For the most part, I'm enjoying the season just fine (in fact, I'm enjoying the first half of the season a lot more than I did the first time I watched it) and the writers have done a good job differentiating the influences so far, but it's a recurring theme that could become frustrating after a while. Does this trend continue on a regular basis as the series progresses?

- There's something about "DNA Mad Scientist" that I now don't understand. If Delvia is ruled by a dictatorship that Zhaan opposes, then why would she have been concerned about obtaining a map to show her the way back to Delvia? It seems like she wouldn't be able to return home if Peacekeeper forces were present; if she did, she'd just be imprisoned again.

- As I said before, I appreciate characters having their "own" episodes in any series, especially when it allows us to look at one of our characters through the eyes of an outsider. An episode like this, though, also shows just how important Crichton has become to this group dynamic. No one else could have accepted the risks that Crichton did in order to help Zhaan achieve Unity.

- I'd say I'm "meh" on this episode overall. I did enjoy seeing Zhaan interacting with other Delvians, though Zhaan and Crichton were really the only two of "our heroes" to do anything in this episode. Not fully using the cast prevents me from appreciating the episode more, though it was interesting what fears were used to divert the others from being able to assist Zhaan and Crichton (Aeryn with a broken weapon; Rygel thinking he's even smaller; D'Argo believing Jothee is being pursued by Peacekeepers).

The Flax
- Go figure Crichton would be the one at the controls when they hit something invisible in space... Poor guy's never gonna live that one down.

- The squabbling between Zhaan, D'Argo, and Rygel in the teaser, and especially at the beginning of act one when Pilot interrupts it by "hitting the wrong button" to emit a loud beeping sound, reminds me of siblings fighting.

- This was a fun, fast-moving episode. Staanz was pretty amusing, especially his last scene with D'Argo where he reveals that he's actually a she in her species. The best parts of the episode, of course, dealt with Aeryn and Crichton onboard the shuttle, with Aeryn learning that she really does rely on Crichton. I also loved how Rygel came through for once, while initially appearing to have stayed true to his usual cowardly nature. D'Argo's decision to turn away from the Luxan ship and the possibility that it held maps that could lead him home was also a strong character moment. However annoying, confusing, or frustrating Crichton may be to the "aliens," this episode unambiguously shows that those onboard Moya are becoming some sort of family of their own.

- As a last note, I feel a little sorry for both Aeryn and Crichton that D'Argo interrupted them as they were about to start having sex - finally! On the other hand, D'Argo's bemused reaction was damn funny.
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