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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract -- Part II

You’ve really upped the ante here, kes7, and to wonderful effect! Your characters are coming into sharp focus as the readers come to know them better with each passing chapter.

Adele’s in one hell of a situation. What remains of her senior staff is riddled with competing loyalties, either to one-another as in the case of Icheb and Maren, or to an outside source as Icheb struggles with the seductive pull and potential life-saving promise of Borg technology.

Though this mission is barely underway, they’ve already lost one and possibly both of their auxiliary starships, not to mention having suffered dozens of casualties among irreplaceable crew. How fraught with danger will this mission be, seeing as they’ve barely set foot into the Delta Quadrant and the crew of Tesseract has not only already been savaged, but they’re now playing fast and loose with some of Starfleet’s most inviolable tenants?
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