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Re: My Dungeon Game [work in progress]

What might work is having chunks different sizes.

If all chunks are big (24x24)--> (+) Potential to be clever and interesting. (-) Familiarity/repetition is bad.

If all chunks are small (8x8) --> (+) Easy to get unique layouts. (-) Could look scatty. Unlikely to be clever or interesting.

If chunks are mixed sizes --> (+) Potential to be clever interesting and unique. (-) Not as easy to fit together.

A different idea I had last night was to:
  • Design the overall layout/flow of a level on maybe a 3x3 upto 8x8 grid. (eg, Spiral to centre, Zigzag from bottom to top, Randomly branched). Each location in this grid is a 'room'.
  • Decide on the 'room' size (8x8, or 12x12, or 16x16 tiles).
  • Place those main structural walls.
  • Decide if there's going to be any symmetry (Left=Right, Top=Bottom, Quarters, None).
  • Decide if the level is going to have low/intermediate/high wall density.
  • Select appropriate detail for each of those 'rooms'.
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