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Re: Typhon Pact: Seize The Fire review thread

I started the book late last night and read most of it today in one sitting. I'm somewhat new to the Titan series (having only read Taking Wing and Orion's Hounds, and those only after Destiny interested me in their crew), so I looked forward to this book. I enjoyed it well enough. The Gorn and other reptilian races fascinate me, and I appreciated Martin's use of the Gnalish, whom (I presume) Michael Jan Friedman invented in Reunion. The caste system was interesting, and the source, perhaps, of the different appearances of TOS's and ENT's Gorn creatures.

I agree with other posters that the Prime Directive is being abused here. The Gorn, not the Federation, are attempting into interfere with the society in question. Their planet being transformed and their civilization destroyed in the process by an alien object is not in any sense 'natural evolution'. Had Riker intervened immediately, he would have been justified given that he was attempting to end the harm being done by another nation's interference.

Christine Vale seemed odd, dialogue-wise (quoting Groucho Marx and saying 'Take me to your leader'? ), but I've not read many Titan books so I don't know if that's in-character for her or not.

It seems on par with The Romulan War.
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