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Re: SMALLVILLE Winter Hiatus Thread *Spoilers!*

Blow jobs? Have they tried blow jobs?

How bad is it on the set of Smallville that when people get away, they don't want to come back?

Or maybe it possible that he wasn't happy with how quickly his complicated antihero was suddenly changed instantly into a dirt bag villain?

"Michael. This is our Final offer. You Win, I mean Lex Luthor wins. You kill Clark and get the girl, Lois, Chloe, Lana.. Mera? Have you met Mera? but you kill the alien, get elected president save the world and are venerated as the greatest President of the United states of all time for ever after.... What? You want to make out with Cassidy too? Sorry you can't. No, she's a Luthor. You're characters Sister, this is the CW, not Showtime... Okay? Maybe in a flash back."

It's a week of shooting, 2 weeks? His career is NOWHERE!
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