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Re: SMALLVILLE Winter Hiatus Thread *Spoilers!*
Apparently actor Michael Rosenbaum may be reticent to reprise his portrayal of Lex Luthor on "Smallville" in its last season. reports that "Smallville" Producers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders "attempted to convince the actor to reprise his role as Lex Luthor for the show's final season." So far, unfortunately, the actor has not accepted. "You know what, if it's roses [that will convince him], we've done that. If it's dinner, we've done that [too]." said Peterson. Souders added: "We love him, and he's such a talented actor and brought such life to Lex Luthor."
Souders also spoke about the idea behind so many returning characters during Season 10:

"This [final] season is a lot about Clark confronting the ghosts of his past, and I think he has something to learn from everybody," claimed Souders. "When we looked back at these nine seasons, [we] tried to bring something out of it we've seen before, but [with] a new twist."
She continued: "I can't think of anybody who has been on the show where we wouldn't have a clear idea of what their story is."

"Smallville" returns with the final run of episodes beginning January 28, 2011.