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Re: Fan Filmmaker's Primer

New topic...

Some people don't like to use them. Some directors don't need to. Personally I find them very useful because they make me consider how I'm going to shoot and what coverage I'll need to get, something that's easy to miss if you're just making a textual shot list.

Some people skip storyboarding because they can't draw, but storyboards needn't necessarily be pretty. Stick figures will often do, as mostly what you're trying to do is illustrate how the shot is composed, and not necessarily all the details of said shot.

Below is a stick-figure storyboard I found online. It's not pretty, but it's perfectly serviceable, and something almost anyone could draw:

The following storyboard is something I drew for the music video I mentioned in the first post on this thread. It essentially illustrates a single shot, but breaks that shot down into each distinct action required for the choreography. You can see that it establishes that there are only two setups required for the shot: a medium shot and a punch-in for a closeup. The way you shoot this is to film the entire sequence from both setups allowing you to intercut as needed.

(In case you're wondering what the lines across each panel are, they're to break them down into thirds horizontally and vertically, so as to consistently remind me to be mindful of the shot composition and the Rule of Thirds.)

The following storyboard from "The Atlantis Invaders" is of a different ilk, as it's basically a shot by shot breakdown of an entire sequence. Some shots are again broken down into steps based on action, whilst others are single panels.

(There're actually an error in this 2004 storyboard that I'd never make today. The redshirts are mostly facing and firing towards screen left, and relating to Cutty also screen left, but in panel 4 they're facing right, which "crosses the line" and is a no-no.)

Both examples are rough storyboards and drawn quite small, with each panel being maybe 2-3 inches wide.

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