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Re: Tardis Blue Prints (All Types)

here is what I think the Doctor's Tardis probably looks like today.. Matt Smith's era..

new growth.. some upgrades he may have downloaded and added to the ship's systems while on Gallifrey during the Time war..

hence the New "Desk top theme".. maybe on Gallifrey they had what would amount to Iphone apps.. you could download to your ship and change or upgrade your Tardis in that manner.. anyhow, I figure the Doctor's Tardis at some point got a bit of an upgrade, but still never got fully repaired.. so it's Architectural configuration program kinda went wild at some point and became eccentric.. which I am sure the Doctor preferred.. even with the upgrades, it probably still wasn't working properly.. hence the bicycle pump and type writer at it's consoles..

anyhow, I also figure that it has had time to regrow (through energy matter replication-star trek replicators-or Block Math reproduction) rooms and Sections of the ship..

so in this image we see a large white section in the main core of the Tardis ship where it has repaired itself.. and the older rooms which are red and gold in colour are the older versions.. the newer white rooms are recent additions.. reflecting their newness and creation..bright and shinny all white and grays... like the classic interior..

the Tardis has a hodge-podge of old pieces and new growth.. with ancient observation towers, and newer more study observation towers.. with additional scientific equipment.. since the Doctor's Tardis is a science vessel, it made sense to show it overly imbued with external extra dimensional scanning equipment...

anyhow, here is how I envision the Doctor's Tardis may look today.. filled out and mixed up.. old tech and new tech all in one..

something old, and something new, something borrowed and blue.

Uploaded with

Go on, Download the Tool kit a couple of posts passed above, give it s a shot download and make your own Type 40 Tardis..

Top views, bottom views and blueprints are on the way followed by tool kits as well..

then, as promised I shall do the side view first of the War Tardis type 91, and after that the living versions.. like Compassion..

hope you guys like this.. thanks for viewing..
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