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Re: Welcome Fellow Trekkies! The GTD Get to Know You thread

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When do the new lounges appear? I remember this being mentioned but I have forgotten! I know it relates to how many posts you've made.
The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) thread addresses this, although the formula sounds eerily complicated. FAQ is also located next to User CP at the top of every page.

In short, as you get promoted you will automatically see the Lounge for your rank. Lower ranks are grouped into The Redshirt Lounge. It has been awhile, but I think Captains Lounge is the first rank-specific lounge.

Remember, promotions are based upon BOTH number of posts AND time as a board member. You may have enough posts, but not been a member long enough. It is a complicated formula that only God and AnthonyF truly understand.

The Commodores and Rear Admirals may recall my thread "Sector 7's Farewell to the Troops" in which I said all my good-byes to the Commodores since I was only a few posts away from my promotion... except that I mis-counted and needed another 1,000 posts to get my promotion!! There was much laughter at my expense... including my own laughter!
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