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Re: My Farscape reviews (SPOILERS)

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Claudia Black has a beautiful smile.

Great review. Loved the above line!

Go for it.
Thank you. I intend to. Just do not expect all reviews to be that long like previous one


1x04 Throne For A Loss A nice usual regular day on Moya. It means another arguement going on. This time Crichton ( failing to spell name of the alien race of this episode , calling Tavleks as Tavloiks ) with Aeryn. He opposes her idea of greeting them with a pulse rifle at hand. Usual Star Trek captain behaviour. "They will pay us for whole their cargo. But they will not gonna do that if you do your John Wayne impression" Aeryn stern usual Peacekeeper having none of it. "Who is John Wayne ? A relative ?" Crichton tries to list Duke's movies adds that "Ghengiz Khan was bad" In my opinion so was "Green Berets"

"Who are you to order me around ?" says Aeryn. Crichton offended "I was offering a suggestion" Aeryn in her usual beautiful arrogance "Well who are you to offer suggestions ?" This sounds like my first date.

Rygel bargained with these Tavleks to carry their cargo. He is all dressed up and full of glamour. Pompous muppet. They are waiting Tavlek ship in cargo bay. But Tavleks in their full armour and badass gauntlet bracelets are not friendly. As soon as they board they open fire with their bracelets , grab Rygel and then escape. Crichton knocks down one of the Tavlek kidnappers and summarizes the whole situation : "Our supreme eminence has been bagged"

Dargo gets the bracelet of knocked out Tavlek..But he can not use it except decoration on his wrist. For now. Bracelet pumps something to his arm...We get the message. Something not good. Dargo suddenly begins acting more commanding and aggressive ( as if that is possible ! ) assumes command of Moya and orders Pilot to leave the orbit. He assumes Rygel brought that on himself. He then kicks stuff and people back and forth in hangar bay. Crichton , Aeryn and Zhaan understand that whatever bracelet pumping into Dargo , that made him more unreasonable than ever. Zhaan takes charge of knocked out Tavlek. The captured Tavlek states the material inside bracelet is somekind of stimulant. With this knowledge at hand Aeryn and Crichton try to pacify Dargo. After two failed attempts they also manage to knock him and take the bracelet out.

Meanwhile ransom demand comes from planet. Tavlek leader ( named "Bakesh" ) wants corvenium ( probably platinium of Uncharted Territories enough to fill the hangar bay. Unless they comply "their king" will die. Initially Crichton and rest may be more than happy to leave "their eminence" Rygel to his fate. But nothing is so easy. Pilot informs them Rygel took a vital circuit component of Moya "to decorate his scepter" Moya can not even move. In fact his orbit is deteriorating. Regarding Rygel Aeryn makes her final judgement. In a deadpan serious manner she says "I will torture than kill him" First she practises on Crichton who is reluctant to use force in his Star Trek mode , knocking him down to bring him with her down planet. After that three parallel stories linked together goes on in this episode. How writers of Farscape actually accomplish that I have no idea.

Zhaan is dealing with captured Tavlek on Moya. A boy actually. He calls her "soft and weak" then attcks. Zhaan with her all elegence kicks his ass then comments "Soft yes weak no" When she strips him of his armour Tavlek starts a exhibitionism contest. ( Whoa did Virgina Hey consider modelling ? ) He loses. With her priestness/psychologist behaviour Zhaan tries to convince him to give up using the gauntlet bracelet. She works to cure him out of stimulant addiction. This episode is a "drugs are bad" message after all. But Tavlek testily states that he does not need a sermon. He then attempts to win her trust after a supper then escape. Failure again. It seems Zhaan has a dark side after all.

Meanwhile in Tavlek camp down planet Rygel is doing what he does best...being a pain in the a.. This time to his captors. He befriends with a fellow captive. Another alien soverign looks like an octopus , named Jotheb head of a consortium. He tries to escape , fails almost killed , manipulates both Bekesh and Jotheb to his own means. This is Dominar Rygel at his top form.

At the same time Crichton and Aeryn are conducting rescue operation of Moya's supreme eminence at the Tavlek planet. When they come across a group of Tavleks , Aeryn wears Tavlek armour and gauntlet bracelet they captured then trashes them all. But Crichton still trying to learn how things work , accidently blows up Aeryn's pulse rifle. Aeryn pissed off , refuses to take out the bracelet. Then Dargo shows up. After another teasing , pissing , mocking session between two non-mature warriors Dargo subdues Aeryn with a gentle touch of his tongue. Literally....

Time is running out. Crichton and Dargo arrive Tavlek camp. Aeryn is left behind to cover their retreat with Dargo's sword except...what ? it is not a sword. It is a Quata Blade , a bad ass weapon. I begin to wonder what else we shall learn about these alien characters and their resources. Crichton and Dargo inflitrate the camp. But Tavleks moved Rygel to somewhere else. While they try to escape they are discovered. Aeryn opens fire. Chaos everywhere. Dargo is shot from his back with a gauntlet weapon. He wants to be buried with his blade. Aeryn tries to regulate the bleeding of Dargo's wound till blood runs clear. Otherwise he will die. Another piece of information. She hits Dargo's wound as hard as she could to regulate bleeding. Between ex-Peacekeeper and ex-convict Luxan another verbal stinging including words of "coward" and "barbarian" goes on again. Did I mention that I like their verbal fencing ? As warriors they are testing each other's grounding , still balacing if other one is reliable. At least they find a common ground by making fun of Crichton. These people do not become ( maybe never ) a well oiled machine like team instantly. Too much prejudice , unknown and bad blood is still in the air. They need time to evaluate each other. Great writing stuff. Why other sci-fi shows are not that INSIGHTFUL about personalities ?

It is Crichton's turn to wear the bracelet. He does so , reaches Bekesh and his men who are carrying Rygel. Crichton takes out Bekesh's men but Bekesh is sterner stuff. Just in that moment stimulant in Crichton's bracelet runs out. Crichton has to turn back on Star Trek diplomacy. Surprisingly he convinces Bekesh that Rygel is worthless. ( probably Rygel's own behaviour during captivity was also effective on that convincing ) "I did not hear the truth so long I do not recognize it anymore" says Bekesh. Strong statement. Much better than silly "Drugs are bad messsage" Still in my opinion Crichton may not always find his way out of a hazardous situation by talking. For now Bekesh leaves Rygel to Crichton.

On Moya everything is back normal. Rygel pulls a little prank about cleanless Moya's circuit crystal ( he swallowed it before and takes it out by natural means ) Aeryn stands like "I should really torture and kill him" But real homage is on Zhaan. Her Tavlek prisoner chooses to have the gauntlet bracelet. "No Sermons" indeed. No matter how much effort you spend sometimes even the best drug cure theraphy fails....
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