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Re: Exploring the Uncharted Territories: A Farscape Viewing Experience

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- As a big Firefly fan, I of course love the rough-and-tumble, who can you trust? nature of this rag-tag crew thrown together by circumstance against their own will.
Yes, there's definitely a certain similarity between Farscape and Firefly. Farscape's early stages are probably less consistent than Firefly's, but I found the show more compelling to watch since, in my opinion, it has better characters.

Anyway, my views on these episodes:

Premiere: Like it a lot. Manages to tell a pretty epic story in only 45 minutes.
I, ET: OK, but kind of lacks the energy of the previous one.
Exodus From Genesis: Enjoyable and helped establish the relationships between the crew, especially where Aeryn's concerned.
Throne for a Loss: Kind of bored me a bit, especially the subplot with Zhaan.
Back and Back and Back to the Future: Fairly entertaining.
Thank God it's Friday. Again: Not bad, but a bit too Star Trek. Aeryn and Pilot's interactions were good.
PK Tech Girl: Really good. Hits a rich vein of story ideas, several of which will return later. Best episode so far, I think.
That Old Black Magic: Crichton-Crais stuff is good, but I do find the Maldis stuff a bit hokey.
DNA Mad Scientist: Valuable plot development re Aeryn's DNA. Not entirely sure I buy Zhaan in this episode, though.
They've Got a Secret: One of the best so far, great plot developments and insight into D'Argo.
Till the Blood Runs Clear: Pretty weak, I think. Didn't really hold my interest.

By this stage, I thought the show was pretty good and had great characters, but wasn't yet living up to its potential. Later, of course things get better. The first season of Farscape reminds me a bit of the first season of Babylon 5 in some ways. The potential was obvious from the start and some of the early episodes were really good, but it took a while to really get into the groove.
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