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Re: Exploring the Uncharted Territories: A Farscape Viewing Experience

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When I rewatch Bab 5 I always read through everything that the Lurkers Guide has on that episode before I watch the next episode. I personally seem to get more out of them that way.
That's a great plan. I read the Background Information sections at Memory Alpha after finishing an episode when I recently watched through DS9 for the first time. When I try to find time over the summer to rewatch The Wire, I'm going to do something similar: watch the episode, then read the entry in The Wire: Truth Be Told for that episode, then finish by rewatching for the commentary track.

There wouldn't happen to be any great repositories such as Lurker's Guide for Farscape, would there?

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That IRC room didn't happen to be #Homeworld did it?
Nope. I imagine "Peregrine" isn't entirely uncommon as a 'net handle, though much-younger-me thought it was a great name.
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