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Re: AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1 Discussion & Spoilers

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wtf did jenner say!
I don't know if anyone here will get it, but he told him... "Yahoo."
Good ol' time-travelin' John Sullivan from the great film Frequency just lookin' out for his pal Gordo.

A little late to the party, but 50-odd damn pages is a lot to slog through.

I'll also chime in on the what did he say question with it being Andrea is infected. The everyone is infected sounds pretty stupid to me. Especially when they already established that if you are alive and infected, you quickly get ill and die. Unless they want this to be a story about a ragtag bunch of survivors racing around looking for a cure that the best scientists in the world couldn't pull out of their collective asses, they can't infect the entire cast.

As for the military complaints, they are all completely valid and have nothing to do with rah-rah US nationalism. Any modern military force, be it US, UK, Nork, Russian or Iranian, would put zombie wave attacks down hard and fast. Unless zombie brain cases are engineered using super-science or their bodies animated by magic fairy dust, high-explosive overpressure will liquefy brain matter not completely destroyed by the bullets, fragmentation and flame of modern weaponry.

If you want to claim that a zombie horde hit by artillery barrages, napalm strikes and daisy cutters, let alone tactical nukes, before facing direct-fire from the front line is going to keep on marching absorbing all those casualties, you are delusional. That zombie head might still be "alive" but it's going to have a tough time advancing through a sea of flames, under a hail of lead and over the mountain of dismembered zombie bits modern firepower just made of the horde.

Ever heard of WWI? Millions of men, faced with the modern weaponry of machine guns and artillery dug continent-spanning trenchlines in days. Reinforced over the weeks with hardpoints, flamethrowers, mines, razor-wire, they were killing fields for human wave attacks. Even chemical weapons couldn't break the lines for long or shift the fronts very far. It wasn't until tanks showed up that true breaches could be formed and exploited. Are the zombies going to develop armored warfare technology? Airpower? I don't think so.

Too recent? Let's flash back to ancient Greece and a little place known as Thermopylae. Seven thousand Greek hoplites armed with swords, spears and shields held off a quarter million Persian troops for 3 days until they were betrayed and outflanked. Are you all touting the apocalypse trying to say that the entire zombie population of Atlanta is going to be able to simultaneously engage whatever the US military throws into the cordon around the city? That they're not going to be funneled down city streets into killzones, their numbers negated by frontage?


Some explanation along the lines of the already mentioned anthrax vaccine dooming most of the military in the US would end the discussion cleanly, without having to come up with a non-magical means for human wave attacks to overwhelm a modern military. Frankly, it's what I'll choose to believe happened, rather than the "oh noes! weapons that render men into a red mist on any other battlefield suddenly can't sever a zombie brain stem! Military gets pwned."

Great, great show. Highly entertaining. But shambling zombies have never made sense as a global threat.

To end, where are all these million-man zombie hordes? Where is the evidence the zombies even form such large groupings? We've seen what? A couple hundred, a thousand maybe in that pull back from the Atlanta streets? I know it's a tv show, and budget restraints and all, but it seems like maybe people are making an assumption about how these zombies operate. They don't seem to have the attention span necessary to congregate in such large numbers and then move in a single direction for any amount of time. The ones attacking the department store couldn't even gather up the stragglers from one block away.

EDIT: Didn't Jenner say it wasn't a virus? That they thought it might have been at first, but it didn't behave like one and might be a completely different organism?
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